Psychological changes in pregnancy

Most anesthesiologists do not like to work in OB.    Why? because (besides law suites) its like working in mental institution…..there is safe , reliable , gentle technique (CSE) to make labor absolutely pain free , but they want “NATURAL LABOR!”—with insane pain , humiliation, unbearable suffering.


their decision making process something like this(please watch carefuly)

if you substitute cake for pain free labor with CSE, death for “NATURAL LABOR!”(and me for Eddie Izard) , you ll get the picture.

when woman gets pregnant she changes significantly, you can not ignore this change(insert here “Kill Bill 2″ when Uma Turman  gets pregnant :”i am the deadliest woman in the world , but now i am just shi….st  scared for my baby”)

pregnant woman becomes afraid, distrustful, ready to die for her baby.

Another problem is DENIAL—woman knows size of her vagina and size of  real baby—it does not make sense to her. Prospect of tearing herself in pieces during pushing  with her own baby? not good.

Typically women goes to complete DENIAL—”i am going deliver naturally!”(really?)(what about 30-50% c-section rate?)

When ,on hospital visit(they never come…) i explain to primigravida what to expect she should start crying.

Nobody plans labor pain-wise, pregnant women do not come for pre-labor visits to talk to anesthesiologist. Pregnant woman will go on internet to prove herself that she does not need epidural.Pregnant woman is afraid to look at her problems(coming labor), because she is afraid that there is  no solution.

Results: woman is afraid of anesthesiologist more than labor, she waits till pain is intolerable,unnecessary suffering .

Because of psychological changes  pregnant woman can not make prudent informed  decision  what she wants for pain relief for labor—-she does not listen to anesthesiologist. These changes are usually not addressed.

CAKE OR DEATH—-they usually do not choose “CAKE”(pain free labor thats available with CSE and hyperbaric tetracaine), they usually choose “NATURAL LABOR!” . Pain is natural,death is natural. Pain free labor is not natural.

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