What is it all about

its very simple .  woman has baby in the belly. baby can come out in 2 ways only—normal delivery thru vagina or  thru c-section(and woman the stays 3 days in the hospital). there is no other way. so i  (obstetric anesthesiologist) have 2 goals — if  its natural labor,  pain free labor, if its c-section –pain free c-section and no pain for 3 days after.

Are these goals realistic? is it possible to have pain free labor at all? is it possible to have abdominal surgery (c-section) and not to have any pain after? Yes it is possible.

But there is one condition—these patients have to have CSE(combined spinal epidural) anesthesia, without CSE  it is impossible, its unachievable. And i have to be reasonable, to know how to think correctly, otherwise i will not reach this goal. And i have to care about my patients, to be ready extra effort to achieve this goal.

You may ask —so i can get it in other hospitals too? Anywhere?

Unfortunately no. Why? (please read post “Barbaric anesthesia”).

Its the strangest thing —there is cheap  , effective technique  for pain free labor and not to have pain after surgery, and nobody uses it.

We hope in the future it will change, and  anywhere woman can expect absolutely pain free labor.

i pray about it every day ,that God will hear women suffering in labor.

Our Lord is merciful, because He is mercy itself.



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