Barbarians strike again !!! Oxygen by mask during fetal distress


Usual practice  on Labor and Delivery floor  during FHR decelerationg is to put O2 mask on the mother and turn O2 to 10 liters. It’s done to increase O2 delivery to the fetus. Here we ask question —does it work? or even better, can it work?

Formula for O2 content in blood

O2 content=(Hgb x 1.36  x  SaO2 )+(0,0031 x PaO2)

if we ignore second part of the equasion –its too small, insignificant ( oxygen dissolved in blood),  we see that  O2 content depends on SaO2. Healthy mothers in labor have SaO2  100%  .  So by putting O2 mask on the face we can NOT increase O2 content and delivery O2 to the fetus.

It is physiologicly impossible.

Barbarians strike again!!!

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