Pain free labor. “GET IT!!!!”

We need objective sign to compare different techniques of pain relief .Subjective always will be subjective. Ideal test –it is the same patient going thru exactly the same procedure twice with different methods of pain relief. So we can compare them.

This lovely lady had previous labor with regular epidural.This time she had CSE with hyperbaric tetracaine (“sacral component ” in  my sofisticated questioning). She was on her cell phone(!)  talking to her friends during pushing.What does it mean? She was very comfortable. SHE HAD NO PAIN.

Case #1 :

—Talk on your I-phone and have your baby

Case #2:

Please  this lady complains that there was NO pain—she wanted some(!)

as opposed to these: (these women could NOT talk on the cellphone during labor)

Woman giving birth




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