Barbaric stage of OB anesthesia

Barbarians….why barbarians ?


What makes barbarians different from civilised people?Barbarians have 2 problems –in their head and in their heart.In their head –they do not know how to reason, and in their heart—they are cruel , they do not care about others, they do not know how to love(man in the picture does not appear loving and ready to reason and reflect).I need both . Because without reason i am just an idiot, i am not different from an animal, but if i know how to reason , but do not love–i ll be cruel, a cruel Nazi. (check this out)


Reasoning without love is brutality, cruelty.

st Paul says:”Without love i am nothing” (1 Cor ch 13)

(it seems to be, if i reflect on it,that if i go to medical school but do not know how to love –i ll be a little nazi. ┬áNo good.)

So, why we say :”OB anesthesia in the BARBARIC stage?”

Usual traditional ┬álabor epidural does not cover second stage of labor. Woman will have pain relief from ┬ácontractions , but when she is fully dilated and ready to push —she ll scream.Anesthesiologist are not even bothered that women are in pain in second stage(no heart), or if bothered they face unresolvable dilemma —if they give enough local anesthetic thru epidural(2% lidocaine) woman will be pain free but paralysed and unable to push, if they do not give anything she ll be in pain. They do not reflect how to solve this dilemma(no head). And we know now that without head and heart you are just a barbarian.

What is the solution—CSE with sacral block with hyperbaric tetracaine. No pain and can push.



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