How to keep epidural catheter for 3 days?

For pain relief post c-section we use Dyramorph(2mg bid) or Dilaudid(0.5mg bid) thru epidural catheter.But how to keep epidural catheter in the back for 3 days and not to loose it and not to have infection?

2 conditions

1)using Chlorhexedine for prep —it will give 48 h antiseptic protection, skin will be clean  , not infiltrated , no pus, if i use iodine—will be some local infiltration, painfulness on palpation, pus around catheter. Iodine creates sterile condition, but not lasting.

2) taping is important–Tegaderm will not stay–its plastic , sweat will disloge it from inside.Wound will not heal that good–you do not put plastic cover over surgical wound . In order to heal wound should be dry. We use Benzoin and perforated tape.

its Medipore 3M tape—but it will NOT stay unless you use benzoin.Only one little piece is needed.

Final result looks like this:(image to follow)

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